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Faculty Development

Our Faculty Development fund aims to provide fellowship programs to our faculty members, lecturers, teachers and teaching assistants to pursue doctoral and post-doctoral degrees overseas. In return, enabling them to engage in up-skilling activities that benefit students by enhancing the quality of offered higher-education curricula. Faculty development is crucial in allowing Birzeit University to maintain excellence in teaching and learning and to advance knowledge through research.

Named Faculty Dean

A Named Dean position is one of the most prestigious honors a faculty member can receive and is an indicator that s/he is one of the top contributing members in their field. Dean positions empower the University to attract top research and senior faculty members who are able to offer expertise and strategic guidance to the University while increasing the overall academic standing of Birzeit.

Named Faculty Professorship

Professorships are awarded to recognize and reward superior achievement by faculty. A named professorship is one of the highest honors the University can bestow on a faculty member. Each named professorship plays a critical role in attracting and retaining proven leaders who can drive Birzeit's mission and standard for excellence in higher-education. Among academia, such professorships are a coveted and widely recognized accolade, signaling a colleague is at the top of his or her field.

To learn more about naming opportunities, please contact the Advancement Department.

Naming opportunities are offered to honor the generous support of philanthropists and donors that have made a significant contribution to the development of the University. Birzeit offers a diverse range of naming opportunities, allowing our donors to honor their family, friends or loved ones:

  • Named building or physical structures.
  • Named academic facilities.
  • Named academic institutions.
  • Named scholarship funds.
  • Named academic programs.
  • Named endowment.

Naming opportunities provide donors with a special means to leave a lasting impact at the University. Given that the University is embarking on numerous capital development and academic expansion projects, we strongly encourage donors to consider ways and means by which they can imprint their legacy on the lives of Birzeit’s student and faculty.

Minimum Donation Levels:

  • Named Scholarship Fund: minimum donation is $12,000
  • Named Faculty Chair or Faculty Member: minimum donation is $250,000
  • Named Building/Facility: minimum donation is $500,000
  • Named Fellowship Program:  - minimum donation is $100,000
  • Named Endowment Fund: minimum donation is $500,000

How to Give

  • Donations of any size are accepted for faculty fellowships, study abroad opportunities and research grants.
  • To establish a named Fellowship Program, the minimum donation required is US$ 100,000.