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Legacy gifts are an invaluable source for securing the future of Birzeit University; for its lasting impact on students, teaching and scholarships. It has benefited expanding resources, created and sustained innovative programs and made a variety of facilities initiatives, possible.   Furthermore, providing financial aid for students, support for our faculty and improving our facilities and buildings

For many of our generous donors, a legacy gift is the easiest and most effective way to make a contribution to the University and ensure that they are recognized for their philanthropy. These powerful gifts have an enduring impact on the life of the University and future cohorts of Birzeit students. For it’s a continuing source of strength and support to the University, that its long-lasting effect helps maintain the uniqueness and high-quality education that Birzeit University always succeeds to reach and sustain. Thus, we ask you to include Birzeit University as a beneficiary in your Will or Testament, and ensure that your legacy lives on for generations. Such a gift can be made for a specific money amount, or for a percentage of your estate. You can give cash, personal property, real estate, securities, or retirement assets. Alternatively, if you have a life insurance policy, consider naming Birzeit University as a beneficiary. A bequest can also be used to honor a loved one or a valued cause, while providing essential future support to the University.

Six Simple Steps to Remember Birzeit in Your Will

1. Calculate the value of your Will

Prepare a list of the approximate value of your assets, and then discount liabilities such as debts.

2. Decide what you would like to support

Do you want to provide scholarships to needy students, or make a contribution to the Annual Fund? Better yet, would you like to support our Endowment Fund and ensure that your gift continues to provide benefits in perpetuity? 

3. Decide how you want your support to be recognized

How would you like your legacy to be remembered at Birzeit? Would you prefer to make your gift on an anonymous basis, or do you want to name your gift after yourself; or a loved one; or in dedication to a specific cause?

4. Inform your Will Executor

Once you’ve decided on how you would like to help, inform those (typically your lawyer or bank manager) who are responsible for ensuring that your Will is fulfilled according to your wishes. 

5. Complete legal formalities

Usually, a Will must be signed in the presence of witnesses, and/or certified by a lawyer. Make sure that you complete the necessary paperwork and legal formalities to enact your will. 

6. Inform Birzeit University

Let us know your intentions, so that we can start preparing to receive your gift and recognize your generosity.