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In 2013, Birzeit University launched its Endowment fund in order to securitize the long-term financial sustainability of the university. Establishing and operating an Endowment helps us immeasurably in cementing our reputation as the leading Palestinian higher-education institution. The current endowed giving to Birzeit University totals to $18 million and we aim to reach $30 million in 2024. The grand goal is $100 million in endowment capital by the end of 2029.


 Supporting the endowed scholarship program is our main priority, since it supports the scholarship program as well as Birzeit University's budget and sustainability. 

Endowment-generated investment income is allocated to fund the scholarship program based on a spending policy that preserves the endowment asset value. 80 percent of the total investment income supports the University’s commitment to meeting the full financial need of every student, whereas the remaining 20 percent is reinvested. These endowments ensure that Birzeit University has the required resources, now and in the future.

Through Endowment, Birzeit University will be able to:

  • Channel funding to classroom enhancements; keep up with advances in lab equipment; provide technological upgrades; and make our art, music, and athletics programs even better
  • Establish named and endowed chairs and professorships, by offering competitive salaries and professional development opportunities, thereby ensuring that Birzeit continues to recruit and retain outstanding faculty 
  • Provide scholarships to students to pursue their dreams and receive an education that qualifies them for a professional career, helping them to fulfill themselves as individuals and assisting them in lifting their families out of poverty

Minimum Donation Levels

  • General Endowment: Donations of any size is accepted
  • Endowment for Scholarships: $70,000 (named or unnamed Fund)
  • Endowment for Faculty Chair: $1,500,000 (named or unnamed Fund)
  • Endowment for Faculty Member: $1,000,000 (named or unnamed Fund)
  • Endowment for Research: $1,000,000
  • Endowment for Facility/Building: $500,000 (named or unnamed)
  • Endowment for Faculty Fellowships: $100,000 (named or unnamed)

Endowment Name

  • Mrs. Samira Khalil Khatib Tuffaha Endowed Scholarship 

  • Dr. Nabila Dajani Malik Endowed Scholarship

  • Late Rashad Abdullah Jouda Khalaf" Endowed Scholarship
  • UAE Endowed Scholarship
  • Engineer Hashem Abdul Muhsen Farsakh Endowed Scholarship- MA
  • "Amal Harb-Shamieh" Endowed Scholarship
  • “Ali and Samar Elhaj and their Children”  Endowed Scholarship
  • "Engineer Hashem Abdul Muhsen Farsakh" Endowed Scholarship- BA
  • Fingerprints Endowed Scholarship
  • "Riad T. Al-Sadik" endowed Scholarship
  • BZU Endowed Scholarship
  • Advancement of Palestinian Youth Endowed Scholarship
  • "Suliman Olayan Foundation" Endowed Scholarship.