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Donor Charter

At Birzeit University, we are extremely grateful to donors who support our work. This generosity allows us to further consolidate our position as the leading higher-education institution in Palestine, and to enhance our facilities and programs in order to better serve our student community.

To ensure that our donors receive the best recognition and attention, the Advancement Department at Birzeit University provides the following reassurances:

Academic Freedom

Birzeit University accepts donations on the clear understanding that the donor has no influence over academic freedom and intellectual independence at the University. Our teachers, staff and students are free to teach, learn, develop their intellectual capital and undertake research without legal constraints, institutional regulations or societal pressure. We firmly believe that our academic freedom is a pillar of our continued ability to remain the foremost Palestinian institution of higher education, recognized at home and abroad for our distinctive quality of education, research and service to our community.


Birzeit University’s admissions criteria are based solely on academic performance and are not connected in any way to philanthropic support accepted by the University. Donor contributions will not influence the academic record of any current or future student, nor will it have any influence on a dispute between a student and the University.


Birzeit University will ensure that gifts and donations made with an expressed preference for their utilization will be used in accordance with the donor’s intentions. If there is a change in priorities or needs at the University, a change in the use of donations will be discussed with the donor for the purpose of reaching an agreement on the alternative use of the donation, or its repayment to the donor.


All donors will receive an official receipt, and appropriate acknowledgement, recognition and publicity.


We respect donors’ rights to anonymity, if so requested by the donor.


The acceptance of a donation or gift by Birzeit University will be made only on condition that the University is able to fulfill the intended purpose of the gift in question.


Birzeit University pledges to keep donors updated and informed on the impact of their philanthropy, and to provide regular progress and financial reports on the expenditure and impact of philanthropic contributions. Birzeit University will also publish its audited financial statements online and inform donors as to when new financial statements are available for review. Moreover, all donor requests for information on their donations and gifts will be acknowledged, and responded to in a timely and transparent manner.


Donors will receive fundraising requests and solicitations from Birzeit University that are honest and accurately describe the University's needs, activities and the intended uses of requested funds or gifts.