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By establishing a scholarship, whether it is an ongoing commitment or a one-time contribution, you become a catalyst for change, enabling students to unleash their full potential. The impact you make by naming a scholarship after yourself, a cherished family member, an influential individual or esteemed business makes a meaningful difference in the lives of underprivileged Palestinian students. With the unwavering support of our global community of friends, advocates and dedicated alumni, Birzeit University proudly offers two types of scholarships:

                                          i.         Need-based Scholarships

                                          ii.         Merit-based Scholarships

How to Support


Tuition Fees

At Birzeit University, we believe that financial barriers should never deny students access to quality education. On average, the annual tuition fees per student amount to $2,500, resulting in a total cost of $10,000 for four-year programs and $12,500 for five-year programs.

In order to alleviate the financial constraints many students face, Birzeit University provides donors the option to cover full or partial tuition fees by donating to the scholarship program. The full academic cost, which includes both tuition fees and additional related expenses, is estimated at $4,000 per student per year.

Generous donors have the opportunity to make a transformative impact by contributing to the academic cost scholarship.

Scholarship Selection Process

Students who receive scholarships or other forms of financial aid are selected by the university’s Financial Aid Unit based on several criteria. Scholarship selection begins with the students filling out a Financial Aid Application through the university’s Ritaj web portal, where they detail their economic status and their family’s sources of income, along with other information. In a transparent, fair and multi-layered process, the Financial Aid Unit reviews these applications, verifies the shared information and, in certain cases, carries out field visits to verify the status of applicants. Scholarships are awarded by the Financial Aid Unit together with the Scholarships and Financial Aid Committee, which ensures that every student selected for financial aid meets the university’s criteria and conditions of the relevant scholarship.

The lists of students eligible for financial aid, as well as the students’ details, financial aid applications and academic status, are reviewed on a term-by-term basis.

Establishing a Scholarship

Establishing a scholarship involves defining a selection criterion based on the donor’s preferences. The criteria may include gender, faculty, major, residency, GPA and more. The Financial Aid Unit at the university reviews student applications and matches them with the donor’s criteria. The Advancement Department presents a curated list of eligible students for final approval. At the end of each academic year, the donor receives a report on the academic progress of the scholarship recipients, showcasing the impact of their generosity.

“Small deeds make the biggest impact”