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Scholarships are awarded to undergraduate students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds and have great academic merit

Birzeit University believes that every student has the right to education. With your help, we aim to offer an educational opportunity to everyone, particularly distinguished students who cannot afford educational fees/ a college tuition. Through your contributions, we are able to create an inclusive knowledge environment that stimulates creativity and entrepreneurship. As well as enabling us to provide quality education that is affordable for all students, and meet their aspirations.

How to Support


Merit-based Scholarships 

Birzeit University offers a number of merit-based scholarships for students who demonstrate academic excellence. Around 1,000 scholarships per semester are awarded annually of an estimated budget amounting to US$ 1 million, accomplished by the generosity of our donors. 

Scholarships provide means for students with academic excellence to earn a degree at Birzeit University. For many young Palestinians, receiving a scholarship is a huge achievement and can be a determining point on whether or not they will pursue their education despite their financial background. Besides, a great number of students with promising futures and impressive records are their families’ only asset.

Need-based Scholarships 

Birzeit University is committed to offer various need-based scholarships. Students, whose parents are unable to afford full cost of university education, are on top of our priorities to support. Over 3000 students apply for financial aid every year, which costs the university US$ 6.6 million. We are currently collecting donations to support this program in a total of US$ 4 million.

“Small deeds make the biggest impact”