Giving Impact


  • In 2014-15, 2,448 students received full or partial scholarships directly from the University while a further 1,433 students received externally-funded scholarships


  • Upgrade of University’s IT network through installation of new network devices that support advanced protocols and high-speed data transmission

Institutional Development

  • Establishment and operation of Career Services Office
  • Capacity-building for Advancement Department

Student Life  

  • Installation and extension of facilities for disabled students
  • Construction and completion of student’s Garden and Recreational Center
  • “Birzeit Nights” Festival
  • Alumni reunion events
  • Lectures and exhibitions at University Museum
  • Supporting students with special needs at the Faculty of Arts

Capital Development

  • Construction of Faculty of Law and Public Administration Building (ongoing)
  • Construction of Dormitories for Female Students (ongoing)
  • Refurbishment of Faculty of Engineering and Technology main building
  • Rehabilitation and refurbishment of Faculty of Science laboratories
  • Refurbishing the Nursing Clinical Simulation Center at the Faculty of Nursing
  • Establishing and Furnishing of Wellness Center at the Faculty of Nursing
  • Enhancing the Audiology and Speech Therapy Clinic at the Faculty of Nursing
  • Equipping the Samih Darwazeh Institute of Industrial Pharmacy
  • Rehabilitation and refurbishment of Engineering laboratories

Academic and Faculty Development    

  • Establishment of Zamala Fellowship Program for the further training of faculty overseas
  • Establishment of IFAD PhD Program to assist faculty members in completing doctoral studies overseas
  • Establishment of the Dr. Gabi Baramki Scientific Research Fund 
  • Establishment of Doctoral Program in Social Sciences