In 2013, Birzeit University launched its Endowment in order to securitize the long-term financial sustainability of the university. Establishing and operating an Endowment helps us immeasurably in cementing our reputation as the leading Palestinian higher-education institution. Our ambitious objective is to secure US$ 30 million in Endowment capital by the end of the 2017-8 academic year. Thereon, the US$ 30 million principal will remain intact in perpetuity, while dividends realized from investment operations will be invested in the further development of our University.

Methods and norms in the higher-education sector are constantly evolving, and we must evolve with them if we are to remain on the cutting-edge of academic discipline and research. The greatest strength of the Endowment is that it enables us to react quickly to emerging needs with a degree of financial flexibility. 

Through the Endowment, Birzeit will be able to:

  • Channel funding to classroom enhancements; keep up with advances in lab equipment; provide technological upgrades; and make our art, music, and athletics programs even better
  • Establish named and endowed chairs and professorships, by offering competitive salaries and professional development opportunities, thereby ensuring that Birzeit continues to recruit and retain outstanding faculty 
  • Provide scholarships to students to pursue their dreams and receive an education that qualifies them for a professional career, helping them to fulfill themselves as individuals and assisting them in lifting their families out of poverty

Minimum Donation Levels

  • General Endowment: Donations of any size accepted
  • Named Endowment Fund: $500,000
  • Endowment for Scholarships: $75,000 (named or unnamed Fund)
  • Endowment for Faculty Chair: $1,500,000 (named or unnamed Fund)
  • Endowment for Faculty Member: $1,000,000 (named or unnamed Fund)
  • Endowment for Research: $1,000,000
  • Endowment for Academic Department/Unit: $1,000,000 (named or unnamed)
  • Endowment for Facility/Building: $500,000 (named or unnamed)
  • Endowment for Faculty Fellowships: $100,000 (named or unnamed)

How to Give

To make a donation, please click here