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Diwan Abu Lughod

Named after one of Palestine’s prominent contemporary internationalist thinkers and academics, the Ibrahim Abu-Lughod Institute of International Studies (IALIIS) was established in 1998 as Birzeit’ s graduate institute of international studies.

Through its various programs, IALIIS engages a broad diversity of issues in politics, diplomacy and foreign policy, especially by offering an integrated and interdisciplinary MA program.

The Diwan is a program that brings together students, academics, researchers, actors, diplomats, politicians, and decision makers in a pre-structured dialogue, and provides them with the appropriate platform where knowledge and experience are being brought, critically thought of, and reflected upon in an inspiring way through: 


  1. Public Lectures: Prominent Palestinian, regional and international experts, policy makers, academics, and researchers are invited to participate in lectures open to the public, addressing and highlighting stressing political, social and economic matters. IALIIS organizes 12 lectures per academic year on hot topics that are of global importance. The aim of these lectures is to raise awareness and instigate debate within the community as well as provide an opportunity for the community at large to meet and interact with subject experts.
  2. Diplomatic Meetings: Diplomats are brought in to meet with students and handpicked external participants from relevant institutions on bimonthly basis. The aim is for diplomats to share their knowledge and experiences. Students get to ask questions, share their views and pose alternatives. The meetings focus on diplomatic protocols, negotiations, and diplomatic relations. 
  3. Symposia: Research experts are invited to meet with students on bimonthly basis. The aim is to present matters and discuss elements of research that are direct interest to the students and their research projects. The setting of the space is informal and encouraging students to engage in intellectual debates to broaden their horizons and learn. In US based academic institutions, this would be the equivalent of a “Brown Bag”. 

For further information please contact Ibrahim Abu-Lughod Institute of International Studies:
P.O. Box 14, Birzeit, Palestine

Telfax:+ 970 -2-2982939