Why Give?

In 2020, we celebrate the 44th anniversary of the establishment of Birzeit University. Birzeit’s future will be defined and driven by the University’s ability to secure the financial resources required to maintain and enhance its academic performance and contribution to Palestinian society. 

Birzeit must prepare its students for the challenges of working and prospering in an increasingly globalized, technology-driven 21st century. As the cost of providing first-class higher-education services increases, our financial needs increase accordingly; at the same time as Palestinian household incomes dwindle given continued occupation and economic recession. Resultantly, it is crucial that Birzeit succeeds in generating additional income streams that can be used to support every aspect of the university’s operations and help meet students’ needs, faculty requirements and institutional priorities. 

Our mission is to shape young lives and create hope in a social environment of denial and repression. We are dedicated to developing our students’ intellect by providing a multi-faceted education that is rigorous and engaging. We emphasize the development of character, the building of moral and ethical frameworks, the acquisition of a strong work ethic, and the cultivation of aesthetic sensibilities and creative skills. Our success in fulfilling this mission depends on your willingness to support our University in meeting the challenges of the future.