Annual Fund

The Birzeit Annual Fund is an essential resource that helps the University to maintain its status as the most-competitive and most-reputable Palestinian institution of higher education. Gifts to the Annual Fund improve students’ lives, helping us to offer them world-class facilities and an enriching campus experience that is fit for the requirements of delivering higher-education services in the 21st century. 

Through the Annual Fund, we enhance student life at our campus and enrich students’ academic development, allowing them to benefit from state-of-the-art facilities and technology. Fund monies pay for computer and laboratory equipment, exhibitions in the museum, recreation and wellness resources, outreach programs for community engagement and sports and cultural activities. 

Gifts to the Annual Fund fuel campus life, helping Birzeit to recruit the best students and faculty, while working vigorously to meet students’ needs. The Annual Fund has an impact on nearly every aspect of a student’s higher-education experience at Birzeit. Annual Fund gifts made by our dedicated community of friends, faculty, staff, students, parents and alumni support daily operations at the University and enrich our legacy of philanthropic support, helping Birzeit to meet the challenges of providing higher-education services under conditions of occupation and economic recession. 

Thanks to the support of our generous donors, we are able to fund basic requisites that make an education at Birzeit University unique and satisfying, providing us with resources to fund societies, activities, capital maintenance projects and technological advancement that positively impact and enrich the student experience at Birzeit. 

Areas of Support

The Annual Fund enables the university to channel unrestricted funding to a range of capital development projects, technological initiatives and extra-curricular activities and facilities. Donors can identify a preferred area of support in-line with the University’s priorities:

  • Academic Relations: Support Birzeit in creating mutually-beneficial strategic partnerships at home and abroad
  • Campus Beautification: Contribute to the planting of trees on campus and protecting the environment
  • Campus Safety: Invest in campus security and emergency medical services
  • Community Outreach: Assist Birzeit in putting something back in our community by funding grassroots activities
  • Computer Centers: Allow us to provide IT solutions both on and off campus through innovative end-user services
  • Museum and Gallery: Help us expand our Palestinian art and culture collections and outreach programs
  • Planning and Development Department: Sustain institutional research and planning to meet future teaching and research needs
  • Sports Facilities: Help the university expand the range of sports facilities available on campus
  • Strategic Initiatives: Assist the University to respond flexibly to strategic priorities and emerging needs 
  • Student Life and Extra-Curricular Activities: Enhance the student experience by contributing to student societies and non-academic activities
  • University Library: Support the library in expanding its 150,000-volume, multi-language resource collection


How to Give

  • Donations of any size are accepted. 

To make a donation, please click here